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PE PP Film Squeezing & Pelletizer
  • PP Film Squeezing Dryer
    PP Film Squeezing Dryer

    PP Film Squeezing Dryer Description: PP film/woven bags squeezing dryer dry PP films/woven bags by screw pressing. Final moisture content is around 5-8%. Compared with traditional hot air dryer and dewater, PE film squeezing dryer is low power consumption, big capacity, high efficiency. It is widely used in PE film washing recycling line.

  • PE Film Squeezing Pelletizer
    PE Film Squeezing & Pelletizer

    PE film squeezing & pelletizing dryer removes the water from screw pushing and electrical magnetic heating. The screw barrel is made of material feeding barrel, compressing barrel and plasticized barrel. After feeding, squeezing, the film will be plasticized and cut to the particle by the pelletizer which is installed beside the mold.

  • pe film squeezing dryer
    PE Film Squeezing Dryer

    PE film squeezing dryer equipped with screw system. Using special gearbox. And it works automatically. The final moisture of this machine is 3-5%. The capacity can be designed according to customer’s requirements. Compare with traditional dewater and pipe drier. The Film Squeezing dryer can save about 100kw per hour for you also make you get the better quality product.

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